Autism Society of the Bluegrass
2017 Bluegrass Autism Walk
Our Presenting Sponsor This Year! Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky!
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Toyota-Paint - Captain: Robin Garrard

Dear family and friends,

I'm participating in the 2017 Bluegrass Autism Walk and I would like to ask you to support the cause and make a donation to my fundraising page.

This year's Walk is Sunday, September 10 at Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington from  2 pm to 5 pm.


All donations are secure and
sent directly to Autism Society of the Bluegrass through paypal.

Please share my page with any
of your friends and family that may be inspired to donate as well.

Thank you for your support!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Jennifer Thomas
Amy Smith
Elizabeth Drury
Emily Sandoval
Spencer Faulconer
Dona Ginter
Gerry Bowling
Lisa Poteet
Kim Davis
Dianna Engle
Sean Montgomery
Monica Hall
Leah Skinner
Wyatt Faulconer
Greg Adkins
Chloe Spencer
Robin Garrard
Michael Ransdell
Teresa Gifford
Paul Adamson
Cindy Cunningham
Karen Hadley
Rodney Hall
Andrea Montgomery
Brian Spencer
Sara Ellis
Robin Issacs
Jayce Blevins
Ruby Adamson
Layton Harris
Michael Snow
Kaleigh Akers
Martha Chandler
Margaret Williamson
Rodney Hall
Kenlie Quick
Kacee Akers
Monica Chambers
Lauren Williamson
Carmen Mabry
Aidan Simmons
Zachary Adkins
Chris Wright
Rodney Chambers
Samantha Hernandez
Joshua Stevens
Brooke Williamson
Lou Spagnoletta
Deana Reed
Amica Snow
Christina Ballard
Hadley West
Felicia McCalister
Alison West
Kelvin Montgomery
Sarah Simmons
Isabella Abrams
Lisa Chiffolo
Jordan Ewers
Jeff West
Parker Sandoval
Adam Drury
Craig Combs
Chase Skinner
Donna Ryan
Brentton Akers
Ignacio Sandoval
Scott Callison
Kim Faulconer
Erica Nims
Shellie Tackett
Evan Baileys
Patsy Blankenship
Jaxon Weddington
Wyatt Dockery
Benson Harris
Anthony Beverly
Bonnie Callison
Shelbie Farvour
Frank Poteet
Shay Sandoval
Tom Brill
Robin Arnold
Kim Teasley
Mike Tomlin
Danielle Spencer
Emalyn Thomas
Sonia Sandoval
Declan Callison
Tammy Turpin
Jaxon Bomar
April Volk
Walter Skinner
Kevin Allen
Sharon Bromagen
Acey Spencer
Ethan Slayton
Vickie Click
Troy Abrams
Courtney Scott
Caleb Faulconer
Lexi Adkins
Lindsey Abrams
Michelle Faulconer
Shannon Faulconer
Eric Simmons
Lina Watson-Cane
Jim Ginter
Dell Click
Shane Ward
Shaun Greenwood
Michelle Dugger
Emma Chandler
Timothy Sapp
Don Thomas
Paul Holder
Kyla Quick
Sherry Skinner
Vina Stevens
Ruth Baker
Eric Hall
Jim Farmer
Tyler Abrams
Mikel Snow
Michelle Hutchison
Star Rice
Monica Hall
Linda Williamson
Robert Scott
Missy Adkins
Mariah Dockery
Joe Faulconer
Satoshi Harada
Teresa Faulconer
Megan Skinner
Tina Fannin
Kayla Warfield
Olden Dockery
Debra Hutchison
Ryder Callison
Heather Robinson
Raelyn Thomas
Bart Lewis
Malorie Hall
Sue Falconer
Chris Baker
Allen Harris
Debra Thomas
Raigann Hufnagel
Missy Adkins
Eli Skinner
Donovan Smith
Joey Faulconer
Shana Harris
Dan Engle
Chad Austin
Dyllan Crawford
Shawna Hazelwood
Leonard Reed
Becky Dockery
Kimmy Faulconer
James Jackson
Greg Adkins
Kellie Carey
Tanner Castle
Team Donors
Robin Garrard
Andrea & Kelvin
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Frank Poteet
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
Robin Garrard
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