Autism Society of the Bluegrass
2017 Bluegrass Autism Walk
Our Presenting Sponsor This Year! Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky!


56 Teams

1319 Walkers
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Toyota-PWT - Captain: Kathy Combs

Dear family and friends,

I'm participating in the 2017 Bluegrass Autism Walk and I would like to ask you to support the cause and make a donation to my fundraising page.

This year's Walk is Sunday, September 10 at Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington from  2 pm to 5 pm.


All donations are secure and
sent directly to Autism Society of the Bluegrass through paypal.

Please share my page with any
of your friends and family that may be inspired to donate as well.

Thank you for your support!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Abigail Barnes
Yuuki Sahara
Cameron Tinnell
Wes Reynolds
Ryuki Yamamoto
Jed Johnson
Hideharu Sahara
Kennedy Mischler
Joshua Gagel
Christian Tackett
Marcus Raney
Megan Wallace
Jacob Higgs
Michael Jones
Delise Jankowski
Riley Gross
Beth Podsedly
Jeaneth Fishback
Whitley Chafin
Ashley Gagel
Christy Brewer
Juwana Jones
Katrina Whitley
Steve Rowe
Paul Sandfort
Skylar Renolds
Alaina Brewer
Katarzyna Oda
Kazunari Kimura
Terrence Slaughter
Hunter Wallace
Phillip Howard
Bailey Wiles
Eddie Wynn
Jennifer Wallace
Cassandra Gross
Delise Jankowski
Cindy Reynolds
Peyton Humphreys
Sarah Jankowski
Jay Humphreys
Morgan Barnes
Karen Howard
Kathy Combs
Cameron Barnes
Heather Humphreys
Alexis Humphreys
James Switzer
Jeff Podsedly
Austin Raney
Frank Lewis
Keith Lenox
Caleb Gagel
Billy Jagger
Lorelle Lewis
Michael Gross
Ty Reynolds
Hayato Oda
Kathy Combs
Steven Taylor
Phyllis Young
Savannah Combs
Robert B Barnes Jr.
Taylor Gross
Jonathan Gagel
Carl Dunn
Logan Young
Drew Humphreys
Glenda Powell-Mustafin
Cory Stamper
Judy Barnes
Joseph Young
Kami Benningfield
Brantley Sandfort
Ethan Howard
Tricia Perkins
Jerry Sturdivant
Joe Wright
Rina Sahara
Yuriko Sahara
Sota Yamamoto
Lyndsay Ritchey
Cindy Reynolds
Katie Stamper
Conner ` Davis
Joleen Jagger
William Jagger
Kazue Yamamoto
Karen Southwood
Tomoaki Kimura
Jadah Jones
Mary Ann Enoche
Lee Allen
Debbie Wallace
David Smith
Mitchell Davis
Terri Bryant
Ben Bradley
Kristian Allen
John Fishback
Cheyenne Combs
Sarah Jankowski
Brittany Fleck
Hunter Raney
Tanner Reynolds
Jeff Combs
Terri Higgs
Dana Slaughter
Kelvin Napier
Yuji Oda
Loren Howard
James Southwood
Motoharu Kimura
Arnett Howard
Coltin Howard
Nami Kimura
Makayla Gross
Chaplin Barnes
Kouki Sahara
Shannon Barnes
Iroha Yamamoto
Tammy Barnes
Tammy Mischler
Kimberly Stamper
Olivia Lenox
Jack Podsedly
Danielle Fisher
David Whitley
Hunter Marcinek
Liz Atchison
Kayla Woolums
Katrinka Howard
Rebecca Ogden
Kathy Hollar
Kimberly Raney
Johnnie Vaughan
Lee Brewer
John Podsedly
Anthony Stewart
Team Donors
Johnnie Vaughan
Kathy Combs
Kathy Combs
Kathy Combs
Kathy Combs
Kathy Combs
Brittany Fleck
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